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“The Incredible True Story of the Oscar Everyone Thought Had Literally Been Stolen,” Jackie Flynn Mogensen, Mother Jones, March 2018 [online]



“Interview with Olivia Rutigliano,” Kim Foster, KCBS Radio San Francisco, March 2018 [radio]


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Missing in Action,” Chris Ujma, AIR, March 2018 [print]

Subtitle: “As Hollywood celebrates it’s 90th Academy Awards, Olivia Rutigliano has her eye on another number: 79. That’s how many statuettes have been mysteriously stolen or gone missing since 1929 — and she’s devoted a career to tracking down Lost Oscars”


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“Stolen Oscars: History, Markets, and Myths,” Peter Decherney, Forbes, February 2016 [online]

Featured In


Victorian literature was full of lady detectives, And the rest of the week’s best writing on books and related subjects.” Constance Grady, Vox. December 2018. [online]


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Lithub Daily: December 11th, 2018. “The Best of the Literary Internet. Every Day.” “That, my dear fellow, is Dorcas Dene, the famous lady detective.” In which Olivia Rutigliano traces the Victorian trend of female-driven detective novels. | Lapham’s Quarterly


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“Whoopi Goldberg’s Oscar Was Once Found in an Airport Trash Can—and Other Insane Oscar Stories,” Jackie Flynn Mogensen, Mother Jones, March/April 2018 [print and online]


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“Strange Tales of the Vanished Oscars,” Christian Blauvelt, BBC, March 2018 [online]

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