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“The Incredible True Story of the Oscar Everyone Thought Had Literally Been Stolen,” Jackie Flynn Mogensen, Mother Jones, March 2018 [online]


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“Interview with Olivia Rutigliano,” Kim Foster, KCBS Radio San Francisco, March 2018 [radio]


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“Missing in Action,” Chris Ujma, AIR, March 2018 [print]

Subtitle: “As Hollywood celebrates it’s 90th Academy Awards, Olivia Rutigliano has her eye on another number: 79. That’s how many statuettes have been mysteriously stolen or gone missing since 1929 — and she’s devoted a career to tracking down Lost Oscars”


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“Stolen Oscars: History, Markets, and Myths,” Peter Decherney, Forbes, February 2016 [online]


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Victorian literature was full of lady detectives, And the rest of the week’s best writing on books and related subjects.” Constance Grady, Vox. December 2018. [online]


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“Whoopi Goldberg’s Oscar Was Once Found in an Airport Trash Can—and Other Insane Oscar Stories,” Jackie Flynn Mogensen, Mother Jones, March/April 2018 [print and online]


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“Strange Tales of the Vanished Oscars,” Christian Blauvelt, BBC, March 2018 [online]



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