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The Lady is a Detective: Tracing a Victorian literary trend, detective novels—but with women,Lapham’s Quarterly, December 2018.


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“The Serve-Us Industry,” The Baffler, August 2018


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El sector de los que están a nuestro servicio,”  Contexto, November 2018

Translated by Paloma Farré,


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“Blood Brothers: Dracula vs. Nosferatu,” Public Books, March 2017


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“Six Amazing Oscar Heists and Five Happy Endings,” Vanity Fair, February 2016


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“Stolen Oscars,” Politics/Letters, February 2016



Witches Who Work: Female Patriarchal Caretakers in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” Politics/Letters Live, April 2019

‘“The Birds, and the Stars, and the Chimney Sweeps’: Revisiting the Anti-Capitalist Moral World of ‘Mary Poppins’ in Light of its New Sequel,” Politics/Letters Live, April 2019





“TV Review: Shrill,Politics/Letters Live, Forthcoming April 2019.

Film Review: If Beale Street Could Talk,Politics/Letters Live, February 2019.

Film Review: Vice,” Politics/Letters Live, February 2019.

Film Review: Roma,” Politics/Letters Live, January 2019

Film Review: The Old Man and the Gun,” Politics/Letters Live, January 2019

Film Review: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,”Politics/Letters Live, December 2018

Film Review: Mary, Queen of Scots,”Politics/Letters Live, December 2018

Film Review: The Favourite,”Politics/Letters Live, December 2018

Film Review: The Wife,” Politics/Letters Live, November 2018

Film Review: Colette,” Politics/Letters Live, October 2018

Film Review: The Sisters Brothers,Politics/Letters Live, October 2018

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