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“Six Amazing Oscar Heists and Five Happy Endings”


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Fire! A brief history of theater fires in New York City—and the regulations that helped people escape them

The Lady is a Detective: Tracing a Victorian literary trend, detective novels—but with women”

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The Lady is a Detective”

Narrated by Rena-Marie Villano


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Does Bong Joon-Ho’s Historic Oscar Win Signal Real Change for the Academy Awards?



“The Outsider Is a Classic Monster Story. So Why Disguise It as a Detective Show?”

How Dr. Seuss Gave Us One of the Most Complex, Socially Important Heist Stories Ever

Knives Out Is a Surprisingly Subversive Mystery

The Strange Cultural Legacy of Charlie’s Angels”

Motherless Brooklyn Is About the Mystery of Self-Expression—Adapting It Was Never Going to Be Easy

The Real Dracula Is a Detective Story—and an Incredibly Complex, Fascinating Mystery

A Cultural History of Nancy Drew

50 Years Ago, Scooby Doo was the Perfect, Weird, Hopeful Mystery Series 1969 Needed”

The Best 1990s Rom-Coms Are Detective Stories in Disguise

Ready or Not is a Bloody Good Time at the Movies”

Why Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is a Child’s-Eye View of the 1960s


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“The Serve-Us Industry”


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El sector de los que están a nuestro servicio”

Translated by Paloma Farré


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“Deep Focus: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming

“Blood Brothers: Dracula vs. Nosferatu”



Stolen Oscars”

Republished as:


On the Trail of Hollywood’s Stolen Oscars



The Dognapping of the Century



Witches Who Work: Female Patriarchal Caretakers in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

The Birds, and the Stars, and the Chimney Sweeps’: Revisiting the Anti-Capitalist Moral World of ‘Mary Poppins’ in Light of its New Sequel”




Film Review: If Beale Street Could Talk

Film Review: Vice”

Film Review: Roma”

Film Review: The Old Man and the Gun”

Film Review: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Film Review: Mary, Queen of Scots

Film Review: The Favourite

Film Review: The Wife

Film Review: Colette

Film Review: The Sisters Brothers




Lisa Lutz on Creating Iconic Female Protagonists


Listicles and Blog Posts


15 Crime Movies Where Love Comes as a Surprise

The 19 Best Crime-Solving Writers in Fiction, Ranked”

The 10 Best Crime Movies of 2019

10 More Crime Movies You Forgot Take Place During Christmas

Remembering the Gilded Age’s Long-Lost Lady Detectives


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“Raymond Chandler originally wanted Cary Grant to Play Philip Marlowe.”

“This 1940s Dutch children’s book depicts Hitler as a bug who eventually gets eaten.”

“Employees at Little, Brown are walking out to protest the publication of Woody Allen’s memoir.”

“Charles Dickens really, really hated his fanboy Hans Christian Andersen.”

“How Arthur Conan Doyle helped his dying friend finish writing his mystery novel.”

The Woman in Black has come to haunt New York City.

“Elizabethan playwright Ben Jonson once beat a murder charge by translating some Latin.”

“I regret to inform you that Miss Havisham, Dickens’ embittered crone, is actually only . . . 40.”

Lord Byron used to call William Wordsworth “Turdsworth,” and yes, this is a real historical fact.”

The Best Book You Can Find in a Hospital Gift Shop Is About To Become a TV Show”


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